Primonial REIM and CAREIT sponsored the Health and the City forum organised by Reed Midem on Wednesday 13th March on the topic of “Ageing in the city”; it took place during the 30th edition of MIPIM, the international market for real estate professionals, which was held in Cannes from 12th to 15th March 2019.


Primonial REIM and CAREIT were able to take advantage of the Health and the City forum and incorporate the whole community of stakeholders to delve further into the topic of ageing in the city with respect to services, lifestyles, social inclusion and mobility. Demographic and sociological trends are creating new consumer habits, new usages and new notions of daily life. This paradigm shift naturally raises questions about how the population is going to age from here on. Primonial REIM and CAREIT want to put forward ideas that will lead to concrete solutions for players from across the board: from town planning to housing, from healthcare to social services.

Some 150 people attended the event, mostly from civil society, including the healthcare and NICT industries but also demographers, institutional bodies, town planners, architects and students.

Filippo MONTELEONE, CEO/founder of CAREIT, opened the Health & the City forum by discussing the position of the elderly in society and the city, and examining the links between city and health today and in the future. “The issue of health is all around us; we need to re-establish links between generations and create a new paradigm in order to roll out a series of coherent economic and social ideas on which to build a model for a cohesive and inclusive society!”, he noted. “We need to create spaces where we can all live together, cities where healthcare facilities are omnipresent, so that everyone can make the most of their autonomy and our elders can live comfortably.”
Yann BALAŸ, Head of Acquisitions and Asset Management in healthcare and educational sector at Primonial REIM, then moderated a round table on the topic of “How can real estate provide solutions for the elderly and adapt to their different needs? “.

Primonial REIM and CAREIT are also Partner-Founders of the “Major National Cause: how to take better care of our elders?”. This is a broad citizens consultation launched by the Ministry for Solidarity and Health and to draft a concrete action plan for civil society in support of the elderly between now and 2021. The results of the consultation were presented during the forum by the President of, Axel DAUCHEZ.

Grégory FRAPET, Chairman of the Executive Board of Primonial REIM, added: “Europe’s ageing population is increasingly becoming an issue, so now more than ever we need to think about the notion of ageing well and about developing suitable housing. Primonial REIM is a major healthcare real estate participant in France and Europe; its teams are working harder than ever, along with the whole community of stakeholders, to consider the broad issues of housing for the elderly and their place in the city of tomorrow. We will be a driving force in introducing innovative solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals and residents alike.”


Since it was first created, Primonial REIM has promoted its strong convictions on healthcare real estate through its SCPI Primovie investment policy; the policy was launched in 2012 and invests in properties used for healthcare (e.g. clinics, nursing homes, senior residences) and education (e.g. nurseries, schools). Primonial REIM is now among Europe’s biggest healthcare asset managers; its funds own over 290 facilities operated in France and Europe and valued at more than €3.7 billion .

In 2018, Primonial REIM led a study into “Life as an elderly citizen in the 21st century” carried out by BVA Opinion in four major eurozone countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany). Over 4,000 people aged 60 and above were surveyed to gain insight into the major social issue of ageing well and reflect on the topic of housing for the elderly. The results of this Primonial REIM/BVA study emphasise how important it is for the healthcare real estate industry to pursue efforts to increase the supply of housing for the elderly, both by adapting existing facilities and developing new facilities.


CAREIT is Europe’s leading services platform 100% dedicated to healthcare (investment advisory and property management services). From the very start, it has worked alongside investors and healthcare/medical-social service providers to build the future of healthcare by structuring the investments and offering the services needed to transform this sector in France and Europe.
CAREIT was built on a strong commitment towards the whole of society: to anticipate its future needs and rethink the way healthcare is organised by contributing to the sector’s physical, organisational and digital transformation. Healthcare systems, and indeed cities themselves, need to be organised in such a way as to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of patients. Architectural design, the ties between industry professionals and the channels that exist between the different stages of the care pathway (from prevention all the way to the home) need to adjust accordingly so that everyone, at any age, can benefit from the best healthcare and suitable support. This is CAREIT’s commitment to the whole of society, including the elderly, and it is what inspired CAREIT to launch the Health and the city forum. CAREIT has also joined forces with KORIAN and PRIMONIAL REIM in a partnership aimed at modernising KORIAN’s European real estate; its role is to offer its expertise in developing property and designing forward-thinking hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

About Primonial REIM

Primonial REIM is a portfolio management company that was authorised by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) in 2011. Its purpose is to design and manage a range of investment vehicles that reflect its strong convictions about real-estate markets. Its aim is to make SCPI real-estate funds – investing in office, retail, healthcare/education and residential properties – available to the widest possible audience.As a portfolio management company, Primonial REIM creates and manages real-estate CIUs for institutional and retail investors. On 10 June 2014, Primonial REIM obtained AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) authorisation from the AMF, under which it is subject to increased obligations in areas such as reporting, liquidity monitoring and risk management. Its Executive Board consists of Grégory Frapet, Chairman, Stéphanie Lacroix, CEO and Tristan Mahaut, Corporate Secretary.

Key figures at 31st December 2018: 58,920 investors // €17.2 billion assets under management // 3,817,380 m² of real estate assets managed // 7,000 tenant companies.


CAREIT is Europe’s leading services platform 100% dedicated to the healthcare and medical-social segments, offering investment advisory and property management services. Since it was created, CAREIT has worked alongside investors and healthcare providers to build the future of healthcare by structuring the investments and offering the services needed to transform the sector in France and Europe. CAREIT brings together expertise in healthcare and real estate with a multidisciplinary team of specialists offering support for strategic projects and structuring investments aimed at spurring growth in the sector. CAREIT is actively involved in the sector’s physical, organisational and digital transformation thanks to its renowned expertise spread out over three business lines: advisory & investment; advisory in asset management & property management; project management & property development.
Key figures: a €1.5 billion portfolio // 70 clinics and nursing homes under management.