Our commitments

On a daily basis, CAREIT teams are committed to a more modern, efficient, and forward-looking healthcare system, with the conviction that it must be accessible to all

CAREIT supports organizations working to improve access to quality health care for everyone around the world, through concrete projects that have a direct impact on the quality of citizens’ lives

Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa, the leading public health NGO in Africa, works to ensure equitable access to health care for all, with a particular focus on public health care for women and children. The organization operates 178 health programs in 35 countries. Over the past 60 years, Amref Health Africa’s actions have benefited 110 million people, including 80 million women and children. The programs are based on three pillars: training of health personnel, access to quality health care and improving health coverage. Filippo Monteleone, President and founder of CAREIT, is vice-president of AMREF France.


La French Care

French Care is the movement of the actors of health in France. It is supported by Bpifrance and the association Les acteurs de la French Care, which brings together private and public players in the French healthcare sector. French Care is dedicated to the development of ecosystems and excellence at the service of patients. CAREIT is one of the founding members of the French Care Actors.



Make.org is a neutral and independent organization whose mission is to involve citizens and mobilize the whole of civil society to positively transform society. CAREIT is a founding partner of the great cause “How to take better care of our seniors” launched to improve the life of our seniors in a sustainable way, mobilizing its employees and all its stakeholders.


Patients : réveillez-vous !

Filippo Monteleone is the author of a book entitled “Patients : réveillez-vous!”, published by Débats Publics and winner of the Philips Health & Well-being Award.

Convinced that the transformation of the healthcare system will come first from the patients, and not from yet another technocratic reform, Filippo Monteleone brings an original and non-ideological view of the challenges of healthcare in France. His approach is based on two certainties: changing mindsets and raising awareness are key to creating a healthcare model that puts patients first.

Our other commitments

CAREIT combines its expertise with its societal commitment by supporting associations and organizations that help those who are most in need or who are excluded from the health and social care system.

Our partners

CAREIT participates in the reflections and exchanges of Think Tanks dedicated to the study of the major health, economic, social and societal issues of our time.