They care
about CAREIT


They care about CAREIT

“Creating effective care pathways capable of absorbing the increasing incidences of chronic illness is imperative for healthcare service providers. CAREIT can assist them in their reflection to adapt their assets to tomorrow’s requirements”.

Claude Evin, former French Minister of Health

“Investing in healthcare properties requires an understanding of changes in the existing regulatory framework and in the healthcare delivery business models. We need to be able to speak the same language as our tenants. In managing the IMMOCARE* portfolio, we have the chance to benefit from the strategic and day to day support of the CAREIT team”.

Laurent Flechet, CEO, Primonial REIM

“The world of healthcare is undergoing a revolution in the relationship between patients and caregivers. Patients are taking control over their own health and are willing to evaluate and compare healthcare facilities. Healthcare providers need to offer personalised care pathways that are suited to the evolution of pathologies and care models. This approach will be part of the designing and building of tomorrow’s hospitals. CAREIT is an invaluable partner in accompanying the change”.

Jérôme Nouzarède, CEO, Elsan

*formerly GECIMED