Building the future of healthcare


“For over fifteen years, I worked as a senior executive of a leading European private healthcare provider. Working in the field on a daily basis, I could see how urgent it is to adapt the existing infrastructures and care pathways to the current needs of the patients. This approach is essential to increase the assets’ value
in the healthcare sector”.

Filippo Monteleone, President of CAREIT and author of the book “PATIENTS, RÉVEILLEZ-VOUS!” (Patients, Wake Up!)

The healthcare market is experiencing structural growth due to the ageing of the population and the increasing incidence of chronic diseases.

Patient expectations are also evolving. The Internet allows patients to be better informed and empowers them to take control of their own healthcare needs. Their expectations are therefore much higher!

To keep up with these changes, the healthcare sector needs to undergo a profound transformation, adapting its hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, but also investing in the development of patient oriented technologies.


Building the future of healthcare alongside investors and healthcare providers

CAREIT is the leading integrated service platform 100% dedicated to healthcare. Our mission is to build innovative strategies that enhance the long-term value of the healthcare assets under management by transforming and adapting them to the new patient needs.

a € 1.2 billion
asset portfolio, representing
70 hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.