Asset Management
Taking care and optimizing your healthcare assets

Asset Management

Strategic asset management

CAREIT asset management activities include providing the best strategies for financing the expansion and upgrading of a healthcare facility, transforming and regrouping the existing premises of a hospital to achieve a better and more efficient healthcare delivery but also supporting and advising investors and enants in managing leases to guarantee a long-term balance for their relationship.

The CAREIT team has a strong knowledge of healthcare delivery models, as well as of the care offering available in each geographical area. Such expertise is key to optimal asset management.

Sector and regulatory watch

Changes in healthcare and property regulations (e.g. the French property Pinel Law, care reimbursement models, etc.) but also evolutions in the healthcare offer within a specific territory are some of the criteria to be taken into account when investing in new acquisitions or optimising assets under management.

CAREIT provides market analyses and regulatory watch to help investors make the right decisions.

Expertise and asset evaluation

Healthcare facilities are an alternative asset class that require specific expertise of how they operate. Evaluating them demands several key competencies to manage investment risks and asset management errors.

The CAREIT team’s expertise in both healthcare and real estate is a major advantage in optimising healthcare asset evaluation.