Helping you to invest in healthcare


Investment advisory services

The healthcare sector is undergoing changes that can impact current business models in a trong regulatory environment. In this context, finding investment opportunities that provide a good risk / return ratio is often the first challenge investors face.

CAREIT advises investors throughout the acquisition process, from identifying the different opportunities through the due diligence and post-acquisition phases.

Optimisation advisory services

In a highly constrained budgetary context, it is strategically important for healthcare service providers to find long-lasting cost savings.

CAREIT has developed expertise in such areas as optimisation of real estate operations – for example:

  • Optimising the space planning to provide for growing ambulatory-care needs,
  • Reducing energy and maintenance costs,
  • Optimising property taxes.

Innovation advisory services

Using digital technologies to optimise the patient experience and transform existing facilities to cope with the growing development of outpatient care is one of the examples of the innovation advisory services that CAREIT can provide.

The CAREIT team regularly carries out specific missions that enable healthcare service providers to adapt their organisations to meet patients’ current needs and expectations.